The Fourth of July weekend is fast approaching, and which means another excuse to start a barbecuing get together. Traditionally, grilling and barbecuing had been grand American traditions. However, with the associated with modern technology, the practice of barbequing has grown in popularity. But have technological improvements improved the barbeque? Weighing the benefits and drawbacks of modern devices and tools, Robert Fernandez shares his thoughts on barbequing and technology.

A smart cooker is a smart system that keeps track of the heat range of the bbq grill, the position of each burner, and even the degree of propane in the gas tank. The app presents countless excellent recipes for barbecuing and cleans away the most monotonous job of your chef – cooking the food. Of course , a number of people prefer charcoal-fired fires and flame-broiled meat. But no matter what your preference, wise technology may help you master basic barbecue tactics.

Modern technology has made preparing easier, and grills now incorporate voice-activated features and touchscreens. Lynx markets SmartGrill models which have been voice-activated and are generally compatible with applications. Several solar-powered models are now readily available, and a robotic cleaning accessory called Grillbot should take the diligence out of cleaning the bbq grate. But actually will social isolating measures continue to affect outdoor barbecues?

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